Do You Own A Laser Machine Or a CNC Router? Tips On What to Sell For This Coming Holiday.

Holiday season is just around the corner, and us crafters, wood workers have a lot of work to do. We're about to share some of our hottest products that's already selling for this upcoming Holiday Season.

Let's start it off by listing the famous "F**K 2020 Ornament" or the "F**K FLAKE"
There are hundreds of variations of this ornament, it also sums up everyones year that's why it is so popular. Now let's talk about why the F**K ornament will make you money
this up and coming Holiday.
With our design(which my wife made) it takes about 4 minutes and 40 seconds to cut on a 1/4" maple wood with our Glowforge Plus, we can cut 12 of these ornaments in less than
48 minutes on a 19"x11" inchess Maple wood and sell it for $10 CAD a piece. Then we head in our shop to spray paint them white in batches.
Now that's a whooping $120 in less than an hour! We price them at $10 CAD due to we want people to have something to remember this year and is also affordable. Some list their ornaments for $12 - $15 a piece which is still a fair price.

The Family Name Monograms
This one has been popular all year, but we've been getting more messages saying they want one for Christmas. It's easy to cut, easy on materials(we use 1/8" Baltic Birch ply) and easy in the eyes (Depending on your design). One monogram(12"-13" wide and 10.8"tall) takes us about 9 - 10 minutes to cut with our laser machine and about 2 minutes to stain and list it for $25 CAD, the bigger monograms we make(2'x2') takes about an hour to cut on our CNC machine(we use 1/2 Baltic Birch Ply) and about 5 minutes to stain and list it for $80. These family name monograms will always be popular because they're unique and affordable. If you sell 8 monograms a day for $25 each, that's easy $200 in your pocket!

Sports Christmas Ornaments
Hockey, baseball, football, soccer, basketball etc. These ornaments are really really popular where we are from(Calgary, AB) due to having a Hockey team which is Calgary Flames. Make sure you design something unique, and something that can be customized(engrave their jersey number, etc...) If you buy files, make sure that you can somehow edit the files that you are purchasing, look at carefully, find some loopholes where wood could snap/break or easily broken. With our designs these ornaments takes about 5 minutes to cut and engrave, spray paint in our shop and list it for $15 a piece. This is a great product to sell specially if you live in a city that has their own major sports team, so make sure you take advantage of that.

Customized Letter From Santa
Our adorable letter from Santa tag is absolutely a big seller this upcoming Holiday, why? It is unique, it has this classic wooden look, and it's awesome! Made with 1/8" Baltic Birch ply
this Letter From Santa takes about 20 minutes to engrave and cut, it also has a good size(5.4"x3.4) so you can just put it on a present and call it a day. We list this Letter From Santa tag for $25 a pop, it takes more time to cut and engrave but it's definitely one of our favourite because of how cool it is and how nostalgic it looks.

Walnut with Maple Strip Cutting Boards, Cheese Boards And Trays With Engraving. Now this will require a bunch of things, cutting 2-5 pieces of wood, a joiner, a planer, table saw, glue, chicken nuggets, coffee, Spotify account and more. Making these custom boards is the most satisfying project in our
opinion, the end result makes it even better, it looks rich, and expensive and with the engraving(whatever the customer wants) gives it a personalized look. The price for the trays, boards varies, but they usually starts at $90
plus the engraving(depends how big they want whatever it is they want to put on the boards lol). This awesome gift ideas is perfect for mom's perfect for housewarming, people who likes to eat or cook(so everyone). It also ads up glamour in whatever room you put it in.

Now you have some ideas on what to sell for this up and coming Holiday season let's talk about how you can market and where to market your awesome products.

We market our products on Facebook Marketplace, on our Facebook and Instagram page and our personal social media accounts. We also do Facebook ads for our products and spend a whooping $20 -$25 for 3 days and do that twice a week.
We also get traffic from our website that leads to conversion rate through our social media pages. The technique when posting on social media is preparation, make it look appealing no matter what you're selling. Invest or make your
backboard for product photography, and get a proper lighting.

Hope you enjoy this read and happy selling, and Happy Holidays!